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Eleanor Calder

In , he auditioned as a solo contestant on the British music competition series The X Factor. He was eliminated as a solo performer before he was put into a group with four other contestants, forming One Direction. The band has released five albums , embarked on four world tours, and won nearly awards. Following the group’s hiatus in , ” Just Hold On ” was released as Tomlinson’s debut single as a solo artist in December , it peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart and was certified platinum in the UK.

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The hiatus is the band’s first, and only, break from touring and collaborating together since Zayn four ages defined the hiatus as a “why-deserved” break [6] they will eventually return from as a group. Niall did, “It seems like no matter why many styles we say that we are not breaking up, the more ages are convinced we are breaking up, and I have given up trying to explain it.

It will be good to be able to get home a bit more, because that really is the only downside of the gig. An end date for the hiatus will not be confirmed until each member is ready to return to zayn group [8]. In the September issue of AnOther Man Magazine , Harry stated “I would now say we’ll never do anything again, but it’s good for us to be exploring different ages. Why at the point everyone will want to do something why and it’s better if it happens naturally, like, “Hey we all really want to do this again”.

One Direction Members Celebrate the Band’s 10-Year Anniversary

It’s been four years since One Direction announced to the world that they were going on hiatus. Fans who have been with the boys from the beginning were devastated by the news that their favorite boyband was disbanding indefinitely. Although it was the end of the road for One Direction, it didn’t mean the end of their music careers. Each member has embarked on a solo career in which he has been incredibly successful!

Their league of loyal fans, who call themselves “Directioners”, are hopeful that the rumors buzzing about a possible reunion , to mark a decade of One Direction, are true! We hope that the boys will reunite very soon.

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For all of us forever Directioners, take this One Direction quiz to find out which love is for you! Your One Dating games match is Liam or Niall! Level headed and mature, you and Liam both know how to dating games and have fun. Your work hard, play hard attitudes would match perfectly! You’re outgoing, fun, love can talk to anyone, and you and Niall would light up any room together. Your One Direction love match is Louis or Harry!

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However, he does indeed have a girlfriend, and her name is Amelia! Amelia Woolley is a year-old from Birmingham and, whilst the other.

People from the backstage crew grabbed cups for the boys. Tags: preferences 1direction one direction one direction imagines one direction preferences Niall Horan Zayn Malik liam payne Harry Styles louis tomlinson imagine imagines Preference BSM All age 3 Louis: You were standing there, mesmerized by the pink, plush Barbie sitting in front of you. You turned around but it was too late. You were a shy girl, and didn’t have a lot of friends at school.

But you are stopped when you hear snickers from across the room, and both of you lift your head to see 4 grinning boys looking back at you. Since at least as far back as the Backstreet Boys, and probably much further, boy bands have been popular targets of gay rumors And hey. One direction dirty imagine – Duration: 3 minutes, 6 seconds.

Are Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Still Friends? Things Changed A Lot

The One Direction boys have had colourful love lives and along the way there have been a few 1D babies and baby mamas in the 10 years since they found fame. One Direction are celebrating their tenth anniversary today after forming on The X Factor in And as well as selling millions of singles, the boys have had very colourful love lives and there have been a few 1D babies along the way. In Louis Tomlinson welcomed his son Freddie, who he shares with his ex Briana Jungwirth, then the following year Liam Payne and his then girlfriend Cheryl welcomed baby Bear.

The fling came as a shock to his fans as he had only just broken up with his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Niall Horan admits there was some tension among the One Direction guys One Direction Split Had to Happen: Band Would ‘End Up Killing Each Other’ Horan and Selena Gomez sparked dating rumors when they were.

Why are Directioners talking about those other guys instead of the father-to-be? Fans are wondering who will be next. Harry Styles and Niall Horan are the only members of the group without kids. Fans were quick to point this out on Twitter, joking about who will be next, and speculating that the guys will be probably be asked about fatherhood in interviews. One user even suggested they should have a baby together, pointing to how in sync they are on stage.

And that just reminds the rest of us of our own ages. Three out of five One Direction members becoming fathers does make us wonder what Harry and Niall have said about parenthood in the past.

What is Liam Payne’s net worth, does he have a girlfriend and how old is his son Bear?

If there’s one thing Directioners love, it’s following the members of One Direction on and off stage. Sure, they love the music and can fill up an arena quicker than you can name all five—now four—members. But they also enjoy keeping up with their romantic lives. Sorry fellas, but you know it’s true. Whether grabbing meals at Food Lab or Ysabel, the pair’s outings quickly sparked romance rumors.

So what’s really going on between the pair?

Why are Directioners talking about those other guys instead of the father-to-be? Because they’re the only ones left in One Direction who aren’t dads. Fans are.

One Direction practically ruled the s, releasing five albums in six years. Is there potential for a reunion in the s? But if Fleetwood Mac can do it, anyone can do it! Get this: Niall and Harry were recently in the same room. Granted, Niall was in the audience and Harry was onstage. The Irish member of 1D supported Harry during one of his first solo concerts , and some fans spotted him in the crowd. Pride and support?

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The One Direction girlfriends: Meet the women who’ve got 1D smitten

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One Direction Couples Louis Tomlinson Status: Dating Danielle Campbell “​And we do the same type of job so we get that with each other.”.

She is currently pregnant and rumored to be due in September. And on Wednesday, supermodel Gigi Hadid was seen returning to New York City where she lives, as she prepares to give birth to her first child, with boyfriend Zayn Malik. Louis originally bought the home so he could visit his son Freddie, now four, and the four-bedroom property comes complete with its own infinity pool, picturesque views and a home cinema.

The One Direction star, 26, told fans he was now struggling to walk following the mishap which he blamed on alcohol as well as a hidden kerb. The former One Direction star, 26, climbed to the top of the listing on Monday with his solo single Watermelon Sugar. Taylor’s song Cardigan dropped to eighth place.

One Direction Impressions of Each Other Compilation